Wine Making At Home - An Experience That Will Change Your Life

A wine making vision...

...Imagine opening your very first bottle of homemade wine. As you pour your latest creation into your glass, the pride of your new found wine making mastery sets in.

You admire the rich and vibrant color. You breathe deeply and note the characteristic smells - all of your senses coming alive. With great anticipation, you bring your glass to your mouth and taste the wine. The moment that you've waited for has finally arrived.

Your first taste confirms that you are now a member of the wine makers of the world.

wine press
Welcome to the world of wine making.

Engaging completely in your learning and ongoing love of winemaking will bring benefits that you might not have thought would come with making wine. Benefits for the mind, body, heart, and soul:

For the Mind: As you learn to make your own wine, you will discover a whole new world filled with language and tools and skills unique to the wine making experience. Your mind will be stimulated, and your knowledge will expand.

For the Body: It is common knowledge that drinking wine in moderation carries strong health benefits. As we move away from jobs that require physical labor, it becomes increasingly important to keep our hands and bodies engaged in the creation of something worthwhile. Making wine is a hands on process that will keep your body sharp, coordinated and focused

For the Heart: Good wine shared with good friends is the essence of good for the heart. In your wine making journey, you will share your wine with old friends and you will make many new ones.

"A bottle of wine begs to be shared; I have never met a miserly wine lover"
For the Soul: Creating something new has a way of stirring the soul. When you fully engage in your winemaking journey your spirit will be filled with pride in the development of your new skills. You may even find a lifelong passion that gets you excited to get out of bed and keeps you from being able to sleep.

Learning, Growing & Having Fun Is What It's All About

"If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right"

This website is about giving you the confidence to try your hand at making wine, and I am committed to mentoring you on your journey. You will soon be on your way to creating your very best (and most deliciously drinkable) wine!

At the Wine-Making-Mentor you will discover:

  • The winemaking language: A wine making glossary that will take the mystery out of the words

  • How to make wine: the end to end process starting with choosing the type of wine to make and ending with putting labels on your newly bottled wine

  • The various kinds of wine making - country wines, wines made from kits, and even finding some grapes and doing it start to finish

  • Recipes that you can use to start making wine today

  • We will dive into the equipment and supplies you need. The basic stuff to get started, the advanced tools when you are really going, and everything in between

  • Every winemaker experiences problems, and you will learn how to fix them

  • Regular blog posts to stimulate your thinking, share learning's, and challenge the status quo on all topics remotely related to winemaking

You will very likely make some mistakes along the way. We all do. We will almost certainly make a batch or two of vino that is not very good and needs to be poured down the drain (or better yet, mixed into Sangria!).

It's all part of the process. It's all part of the learning. It's all part of the fun.

wine glasses Enjoy Life, Drink Wine

You will also find your way to creating amazing, mouthwatering wines.

If you are so inclined to join me...we are going to turn wine making into an experience that will bring joy and laughter and perhaps even a lifelong passion into your life.

With a little bit of patience, some creativity, and expectations of a grand adventure...we will make the greatest wine on the planet. Wine made from our own two hands!

"We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here, and we want them now!"

Lets make some wine!